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How to Shuck an Oyster using the Hinge Method

This is one of the best methods for presentation of an oyster on the half-shell. Start by scrubbing the oyster thoroughly under cold water, remove any mud or grit, paying close attention to the hinge area. Place the oyster level in your hand or on a firm non-slip surface. The hinge should be pointing towards you. Wedge the tip of the shucking knife into the dip in the hinge. Push and gently twist the knife until you feel it slide into the soft-spot of the hinge.
Turn the knife 90 degrees until the hinge pops open, separating the two shells. After you have opened the oyster, scrape the knife across the inner top shell until you can feel the muscle, which you need to slice through. The top shell can now be easily removed. Next, scrap under the oyster to remove the muscle from the bottom half of the shell. Retain as much of the oyster liquor as possible. Set the oysters in their shells on a bed of crushed ice and prepare to SLURP away!
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